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A Candid Interview With Sarah Winman

By Holly Cara Farr On a grey Sunday afternoon, people crowd into a cosy marquee tent to hear actress and author Sarah Winman’s interview about her new book, Tin Man. Her interviewers, James Naughtie and Patrick Gale, are eager to hear about it. Jumping straight in, James opens with a comment that the book ‘reads […]

The Sweet Sally of Words

by Joanna Varanda Artwork by Bhuvaneshvari and Ralph Nel On the grounds of the North Cornwall Book Festival, Sally Crabtree stood out from the crowd. Floating around in her flowery short dress and pink wig, she introduced herself to me first and foremost as a Poet and creator of The Sweetshop of Words. However, I discovered that underneath these layers lied so much more. Hers is a kind and gentle story that […]

Powerful poetry readings with Alyson Hallett and Pascale Petit

By Georgia Penrose Eager to hear a poetry reading from well-known poets Alyson Hallett and Pascale Petit, scores of people filled the church on Saturday after lunch. The poets were placed high in the pulpit for everyone to see, made clearer by the large glass windows. Their voices bounced and echoed between the walls, creating […]

Author Talks: Matt Haig

Author Matt Haig sat down with festival blogger Lizzie Arnold on Friday to talk about his visit to the North Cornwall Book Festival and about his books. Hi Matt, I really enjoyed your talk earlier! How’s the festival going so far? I’ve always liked coming to this festival. I came here two years ago, because […]

Reminiscing with Rose Hilton

By Charlotte Rayment When Dudley Sutton introduced Rose Hilton on Saturday, it was clear that we were in for a treat. Dudley, a theatrical actor, has been close friends with Rose, a modernist painter, for many years and their connection to each other had the audience engaged from the start. They began the conversation by […]

Alan Powers on his book ‘Edward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator’

By Justin Prinsloo Alan Powers, author of Edward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator, is a refreshing blend of humble and passionate. Over the course of his hour-long slot at the Festival, he spoke solely on the subject of his recent book: Edward Ardizzone, the renowned and highly influential 20th century illustrator responsible for illustrating many highly […]

Prize Giving to the “Poets of Tomorrow”

By Georgia Penrose Family and friends of the young competitors for the Charles Causley Young People’s and Children’s poetry, the Sir James Smith Cluster Creative Writing and the Sense of Place primary schools’ poetry competition flooded into the marquee, full of excitement and eager to receive their prizes. The budding writers filled the front rows […]

Writing Biographies with Hermione Lee

By Joshua Copus-Oxland ‘It’s ten o’clock,’ author Hermione Lee said as the crowd at her workshop settled in. ‘I’m a great believer of starting on the clock.’ The atmosphere was lively as the morning workshop started. The attendants, from aspiring writers to published authors and stand-up comedians, were immediately engaged, volleying idea after idea with […]

Matt Haig talks ‘How to Stop Time’

By Maria Vakmann The marquee was packed to the maximum with readers and writers of all ages. They came to listen to bestselling author Matt Haig unpack his latest novel in a conversation with novelist Eleanor Updale. Matt’s book, How to Stop Time, tells the story of 439-year-old Tom Hazard who has a rare medical […]

Nothing less than MESSY with Christopher William Hill

By Lizzie Arnold and Georgia Penrose  Within moments of introducing himself, award-winning playwright, radio dramatist and children’s author Christopher William Hill filled the marquee with laughter. During the first few minutes of his workshop he revealed that he had been ‘watching us’ – that is, the audience – mentioning the ‘Bee Girls’ who had shrieked in horror at […]