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Writing Short Poems with Jackie Kay

By Day Lilico and Alice West “I don’t make sense to myself unless I’m talking nonsense” – workshop participant, Kim Denat On the final day of this year’s North Cornwall Book Festival, fourteen people are lucky enough to have a three-hour workshop with the Scottish Makar, Jackie Kay. In a cosy room in the Stone Barn, […]

Short Stories with Tom Vowler

By Betty Mayhew The award-winning author, Tom Vowler, starts his workshop by introducing himself as both a lecturer at Plymouth University and the editor of the literary journal Short Fiction. He presents the highs and lows of pitching for journals, different story definitions he collected ‘like a magpie’, and emphasises the core base of what […]

An Interview with Ian Adams: Poet, Photographer & Anglican Priest

By Rosie Connell Ian Adams is many things; a poet, a photographer, an Anglican priest. I was fortunate to sit in on his Sunday service in the stunning 15th century church of St Endellion. There was a mix of friendly church regulars, visiting bookworms, believers and nonbelievers which produced a refreshingly inclusive ambience. The church […]

Veronica Lamond: Land Rovers, Self-publishing and Painting with Crayons

By Day Lilico On Sunday afternoon in the Yurt, children’s author Veronica Lamond gave several readings of her Landybook stories, about two Land Rovers who live in Cornwall. Lamond wonderfully takes on the role of writer, illustrator and publisher of all her books. In the reading she addresses the children directly, giving the experience a very […]

A Yurt of Imagination: Ava Munro’s Poetry Reading

By Day Lilico Thirteen-year-old Ava Munro entranced a group of children and adults in the Yurt yesterday at St Endellion, with readings from her poetry book A Mug of Imagination. She opened the session by talking about how she got into poetry. Ava is dyslexic and always hated English classes as she struggled with her […]

Rupert Thomson: Part Two. Delving into his Latest Novel

By Rosie Connell In an earlier post, Rupert Thomson and I discussed the strong bond between his life and his fiction. The link between his life and his work is drawn again in his newest work, Katherine Carlyle. The story follows a nineteen-year-old girl whose mother has died of a rare ovarian cancer caused by […]

Introducing Cornwall’s First Dragon, with Children’s Author Judy Scrimshaw

By Alice West and Olivia Cooper The delightful Judy Scrimshaw debuted her new children’s book titled The Little Red Egg: The First of the Morwenna Pendragon Adventures at the North Cornwall Book Festival this weekend. She filled the yurt with energy and laughter during her dramatic storytelling of it on Saturday afternoon. The children seemed enthralled […]

On the Edge of our Seats with Jackie Kay

By Betty Mayhew and Day Lilico To conclude the brilliant Saturday line-up at the North Cornwall Book Festival, Jackie Kay takes to the floor and we’re immediately thrown into a beautiful, traditional poem written in Scots. ‘Some of you might not understand some of the words’, she smiles, ‘but that’s just life’. When she laughs, […]

Rupert Thomson on Trauma, Death, and the Power of Fiction vs Nonfiction: Part One

By Rosie Connell Rupert Thomson is a current and prolific novelist with varying pieces of work to his name, each piece unified by a continuous thread of traumatised characters and the deep insights we can gain from them. His work has been widely acclaimed by critics and the public alike; his book The Insult was […]

In Conversation with Scottish Makar, Jackie Kay

By Betty Mayhew & Day Lilico Sun and summer soaks the Main Marquee at the North Cornwall Book Festival, and Day and I are lucky enough to catch up with the brilliant Jackie Kay, MBE and Scottish poet laureate. We are big fans of Kay’s poetry, and are grinning ear to ear throughout the meeting. […]