Natasha Carthew

The title says it all I believe, All Rivers Run Free tells the story of tragedy, adventure and hope. Natasha Carthew’s book holds a cold and fresh reality to it, following the journey of Ia who resides in a caravan on the north coast of Cornwall. After discovering a girl swept up on the shoreline one day Ia’s life takes some changes and she sets course for the south coast. Just listening to the author describing this journey was amazing, it wasn’t just for the fact that it was in the book but also that Natasha Carthew went on this journey herself for research purposes. There was one point I was holding my breath on the anticipation just building up imagining this expedition into an unknown place, trampling thorough fields and back gardens without knowing for sure if it’s trespassing or just passing through. Natasha Carthew is a wild writer, a term I’m sure not all of us know about, she explains that by going out into the woods of fields can be an inspiration for writing material. When she mentioned about doing a wild writing workshop earlier, I was pretty disappointed I’d missed the chance to go to it and participate. Hearing Natasha Carthew talk about how wild writing can help you connect with your characters was very interesting.