This is our growing sound archive from where you can stream or download free podcasts of festival events. Handy for those of you who couldn’t make it, or who had such a great time you want to live it all over again!

Art historian Alan Powers on the life and works of Edward Ardizzone.

Oct 7th 2017.

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown challenges her audience to be bolder in a climate of racial tension.
Oct 8th 2017.

Lynn Knight on the stories clothes can tell us and the importance of Sindy doll.
Oct 8th 2017.

Bestselling writer Sarah Winman discusses her new novel ‘Tin Man’ with Jim Naughtie.
Oct 8th 2017.

Dame Hermione Lee talks to Patrick Gale about Edith Wharton, Penelope Fitzgerald and the writing of biographies.
Oct 8th 2017

Costa prizewinner Maggie O’Farrell talks to Patrick Gale about ‘I Am, I Am, I Am’, her memoir of near-death experiences.
Oct 7th 2017

“You can make a story from anything!”
Children’s author Eleanor Updale shows pupils her Boring Bag and collaborates on an extraordinary story.
Oct 5th 2017

Emily Barr gives pupils in her workshop tips on writing three dimensional characters. Oct 5th 2017.

Children’s writer Christopher William Hill creates uproar and gets upstaged by a bee.
Oct 7th 2017.

Petrus Ursem reads from his young adult thriller, ‘The Fortune of the Seventh Stone’.
Oct 7th 2017.

Carla Vermaat reads from her Cornish-set crime novel, ‘Tregunna’.

Oct 7th 2017.

Cornish author Rob Turner reads from ‘Inward’, the first book in his post-apocalyptic saga ‘Perception’.
Oct 7th 2017.

Rose Hilton discusses her extraordinary life and art with an old friend, actor Dudley Sutton.
Oct 7th 2017.

Local author Wyl Menmuir reads from Booker Prize longlisted ‘The Many’.
Oct 7th 2017.

“I’d like you to imagine that you’re in the Amazon rainforest…”
Pascale Petit reads in St Endellion Church.
Oct 7th 2017.

Poet/boxer Matt Windle explains part of his creative process to teens. Oct 5th 2017.

Bestselling author Matt Haig talks to Eleanor Updale about his latest book, ‘How To Stop Time’.
Oct 7th 2017.

Broadcaster and writer James Naughtie discusses the allure of secret worlds and his latest spy thriller, ‘Paris Spring’.
Oct 7th 2017.

Alyson Hallett reads in St Endellion Church.
Oct 7th 2017.

A track from Wild Willy Barrett and the French Connection who played for us on October 22 2016.

A track from Senegalese virtuoso Amadou Diagne and Group Yakar who played for us on October 21st.

Readings by performance poet, Rob Barratt. Oct 22 2016

Reading from The Mysterious Loss of the Darlwyne by Martin Banks. Oct 22 2016

Anneliese Mackintosh reads from Any Other Mouth. Oct 22 2016

Readings by Katrina Naomi. Oct 22 2016

Rachel Joyce interviewed by Patrick Gale. Oct 22 2016

Readings by Ian Adams. Oct 22 2016

Rupert Thomson interviewed by Andrew Miller. Oct 22 2016

Readings by Jackie Kay. Oct 22 2016

Readings by Robert Wilton. Oct 23 2016

Vanessa Matthews reads from The Doctor’s Daughter. Oct 23 2016

Tom Vowler reads his short story An Arrangement. Oct 23 2016

Simon Grennan talks about his graphic novel, Disposession. Oct 23 2016

Katharine Norbury interviewed by Jackie Kay. Oct 23 2016

Charlotte Hobson reads from The Vanishing Futurist. Oct 23 2016

Andrew Miller interviewed by Rupert Thomson. Oct 23 2016

Gavin Knight reads from The Swordfish and the Star. Songs from Stamp and Go. Oct 23 2016