Our Eden Project Session this year is a serious treat for lovers of jazz or simply great singing. “Possibly our greatest interpreter of Dylan’s songs,” Barb Jungr returns with a brand new collection, “Forgetful Heart”, with love songs by Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen.

The Cutfield Freeman Marquee. 19.30. Admission  £10 (free to accompanied under-16s)

With “Forgetful Heart,” Barb continues her love affair with the work of two of the most important songwriters of the 20th Century. Through the lockdown she has thought about love, and in particular the love songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, from their earliest explorations to their most recent recordings. In 2014, working with Simo Wallace, Barb released “Hard Rain,” laying herself bare to Dylan’s and Cohen’s political and philosophical songs. But “it’s now time for love,“ she says. “How to love more and with more freedom. How to love everyone and everything. How to be free of all the pettiness of life and elevate to the beauty and purity of love. And who better to turn to than Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, two of the greatest alchemists of love ever, in all of its wild wonder.”

Working with her longstanding collaborator Jenny Carr, Barb will include Forgetful Heart, What Happens To The Heart, If You Gotta Go, Go Now, I’ve Made Up My Mind To Give Myself To You, and So Long Marianne, among more treasures.

“possibly our greatest interpreter of Dylan’s songs” – Billy Bragg

“Barb Jungr interprets [Dylan and Cohen’s] work with a ferocity and truthfulness that demolishes every cover version you’ve ever heard” – New York Times

“Electrifying….the top rank of jazz singers. A true musical alchemist, she is truly a marvel, who should not be missed” – The Telegraph

Awarded five stars by Culture Fix, a consummate performer and an artist at the top of her game, Barb’s classy, inventive, dramatic, and sometimes funny performances draw you in, revealing new emotional depths and dramatic narratives within familiar songs.

Starting out as a singer and performer on the alternative cabaret circuit, Barb earned numerous plaudits, including a then-legendary Perrier Award. Never one to sit still, physically or artistically, she has evolved through the years into one of the UK’s finest and most distinctive singers. Her exhilarating vocal style fuses her sense of jazz, blues, and soul with elements of everything from musical theatre to African and Iranian folk singing. In a stellar career she has recorded 18 albums and worked with many of the UK’s finest musicians, as well as composing for children’s theatre and making countless TV and radio appearances. Her album Bob, Brel and Me was released in 2019.

‘One of the best interpreters of Jacques Brel and Bob Dylan anywhere on this angst-ridden planet today’. Village Voice, New York

With her expressive voice, superb diction, and dynamic, physical, funny and intense performance style, she has the ability to dig deeply into familiar lyrics and make iconic songs resonate in new ways, effectively turning them into one-act plays. Alex Ramon, Pop Matters

To watch Barb perform Mr Tambourine Man click here.
To watch Barb perform If Not For You click here.
To watch Barb perform Sunday Morning St Denis click here.

To find out more, visit Barb’s website at www.barbjungr.co.uk.

Photographs of Barb © Steve Ullathorne.